Rajeev Jindal

Rajeev Jindal is a social worker, critic and a historian, known for his books on Punjab’s lesser known area, Sangrur which was the erstwhile capital of Jind State – ਸੰਘਰ ਤੋਂ ਸੰਗਰੂਰ and The Princely State of Jind Revisited.


He through his works also tried to bring forward the nostalgic memories of the  lost and long forgotten Patiala State Monorail that travelled from Patiala to Sunam via Bhawanigarh. He has worked in the sales line in an eminent company for 25 years and  travelled throughout India, exploring its each and every corner with zeal. Being the life time member of the child welfare society and General Secretary of Sangrur Heritage Preservation Society (SHPS), his  life’s motto is only to give his best to this world. Through SHPS, he with other members is making untiring  efforts to preserve the heritage and royal buildings of this city.
Because of his compassionate and tender heart, Mr. Jindal is actively engaged in organising camps frequently for the underprivileged. To bring the new generations closer to our rich heritage and culture, he along with others have come up with an idea of celebrating Sangrur Heritage & Literary Fest in this Royal city.
Since last 10 years, Mr. Jindal through his articles on deteriorating conditions of royal buildings in renowned newspapers has been successful in getting those buildings preserved.