Coins Exhibition

Jeevandeep Singh

jeevandeepJeevandeep Singh, is a Professional Numismatist, based at Ludhiana and specializing in the coinage of the erstwhile Punjab. Collecting coins as a hobby since childhood, he developed it into a full-time profession since 2003, and is regarded as an authority on the coins of the Sikhs and the Punjab region.

A member of the Indian Numismatic Society – Varanasi & Oriental Numismatic Society – Netherlands, apart from various other smaller associations, he has been contributing to various reputed international Journals with new finds in the coins of the region, and also contributes regularly to the Krause Publications’, Catalog of South Asia coins and paper money, specially the Phulkian states. As a trained Graphics Designer, he has also designed commemorative coins & stamps on 150 years of Kuka Movement for the Government Mint.

His latest venture, Satluj Numismatics Gallery, is the first numismatic firm in North India, which hopes to increase awareness about this hobby and also provide selling and buying opportunities for certified genuine and rare coins & artifacts to its clients. He also is the administrator of the Online Database of Sikh coins, which provides an online guide for the coins, medals and other artifacts of the Sikh Empire and the Cis-Sutlej states.