Elisabeth J. Singh

Elisabeth J. Singh received her education at the University of Oslo from 1978-1983. Her subjects were German, French and Political Science, and after graduating she started working as an editor for one of the major publishers in Norway, Aschehoug, in their subdivision for management and juridical literature (TANO). Sidestepping this career, she also launched a totally different career, namely as a visual artist. Her prefered motifs have been landscapes, animals and old buildings, which rapidly became very popular.


In 1986 she started her own publishing business of greeting cards, art books and calendars, all published by the artist name of ida Elisabeth. Elisabeth J. Singh has also been running her own gallery for 20 years, and she has written three travelogues from India in the Norwegian language. She lives today in an old house with a big garden near the Oslo Fiord, in the company of a friend and six pets.